Published: 05 Dec 2016

Using their privilege to help others

Grace, Erin and Zara are a group of extraordinary Year 9 girls who are striving to give back by putting others first and leading the call for Food for Families donations from their peers at Fintona Girls’ School.


Their form tutor and a long standing supporter of the appeal, Angela Raven, has been helping to ignite her pupils’ passion for giving for years by involving them in collection efforts, but this year these three girls have really gone the extra mile.

“I created a poster to put up around the school to advertise what we were doing and make people aware of the issue,” said Grace.

“We talked in assembly to help people understand why it was important, and then we brought in food donations ourselves to kick things off. The first day we got a full box,” said Zara.

“When we found out about it, we just wanted to help out and be a part of the cause. In the past, we’ve just had one box in Student Services and no one has really seen it as a massive issue, so I think by addressing this and advertising it more, it’s made people want to be a part of it,” said Erin.

This year, the school has already collected twenty boxes – one in each tutor group, and they’re all full already, thanks to the efforts of the whole school community. While they receive lots of canned foods, they also collect useful toiletry items like toothbrushes and toothpaste.

“We go to a private school and have a lot of privilege so we’ve hardly ever experienced a time when we couldn’t afford to get the essentials we need. The thought of not really knowing what you’re going to eat or if you’ll have clean teeth are basic things we take for granted. I can’t even picture my family struggling that much. It’s hard to think about it,” said Zara.

“I want families in need to know that there are other people out there who really care for them,” said Grace.

Grace, Erin and Zara are part of our 25 faces of Food for Families series – celebrating the amazing people behind our annual appeal, along with the people for whom Food for Families has been a lifesaver in tough times.

Get on board with the 25th Food for Families appeal – simply fill a bag or a box with non-perishable groceries, and help families in need put food on the table this Christmas and throughout 2017.