Published: 09 Jul 2015

Fire & Clay

Fire & Clay provides employment for more than 30 adults with disability in a supported environment.

Based in Lilydale, the team produces distinctive, functional and decorative pottery pieces, which are distributed and sold locally.

There’s a very real sense of family on the factory floor, with many craftspeople having worked there for ten years or more – over 25 years, in some cases!

Fire & Clay ceramic herb sticks

You can purchase a range of four bespoke and charming ceramic herb sticks for only $14.99 from selected Mitre 10 stores across Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania, crafted entirely by Wesley Fire and Clay’s very own artisans.


Purchase our handcrafted pieces

Our beautiful pottery pieces can be purchased online through the social enterprise store Good Spender.

Visitors are welcome to purchase items directly from our Fire & Clay factory showroom in Lilydale, as well Merchants of Change in Eastland. We also supply the Healesville Sanctuary Shop with an exclusive range of wall hangings inspired by Australian fauna.

When you purchase ceramics from Fire & Clay you are helping provide stable ongoing employment in a supported environment for adults with disability. This means greater economic independence, dignity of work, social support and quality of life.

Create your own work of art

Fire & Clay also offers a creative arts program for people with disability, with flexible activities to suit all levels of ability.