In memory of my mum

Janet decided to support Wesley with a gift in her will as a tribute to her mother who instilled in her the passion to make a real difference to those who need help.

Bequestor Janet Cliff standing in front of rose bushes in her backyard.

“My mother, who died more than 50 years ago now, volunteered and attended church regularly. She had a great fondness for its work. And my father was a lay preacher.

My brother and I were brought up to assume that helping others was just something that you did. It wasn’t a big issue; it was just the way things were.

Most people we knew did the same.

In my life, I continue that tradition and support several charities.

So in memory of my mum, I have made sure to include a gift in my will to Wesley Mission Victoria.

She cared – as I do – about the people Wesley works with – those in crisis, who may be homeless, have a disability, those who are elderly and alone or in some way vulnerable.

So it’s a pleasure for me to make this gesture of including a gift in my will to Wesley Mission Victoria.

Mum would have appreciated it, and I find it satisfying to know that I’ve been able to do this for her. It’s a way of making sure that our commitment to helping others lives on.’’


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